Droga 5’s ‘Jay-Z Decoded’ Wins the Outdoor Grand Prix

By: Rupal Parekh – Adage.com Effort for Microsoft search engine Bing Helped Expand How Media Category Could Be Used Have New York shops cracked some sort of code in the outdoor category? That seems to be the case again at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. For the second straight year, a Big Apple-based agency has … Continue reading

Everything I ever learned about Outdoor Advertising, I learned from Cracker Barrel – by Majorie Dudley

As I was sitting here taking a look at the day’s news and figuring out what might be worthy of posting to Billboardtastic, I came across an article (Majorie calls it an essay) written by a fellow Lamar Advertising colleague. I feel she is spot on with her thoughts regarding outdoor advertising and Cracker Barrel’s marketing … Continue reading

The Drive For Digital

While it’s a world away from our backyard, the UAE has a good thing going. I’ll say it again… for those advertisers who embrace digital’s creative power and flexibility, tie it into social media efforts, and push the envelope creatively – these are the companies that will blaze the way! We’ve only scratched the surface … Continue reading

Beyond infotainment: DOOH discovers its artistic side

As published on http://www.screenmediamag.com on June 6, 2011 Digital out-of-home screens are usually installed with commercial ends in mind, but that hasn’t stopped them being used for a quite different purpose – as showcases for public art. Last month, for example, the third annual Art by Chance festival saw a series of “ultra-short” films, each … Continue reading

Mobile marketing grows with smartphone sales

Posted May 22, 2011 8:51pm by Christopher Brinckerhoff Michael Shim, vice president of mobile partnerships at Groupon, said Groupon could be making half its sold/purchased deals on mobile platforms a couple years from now. If his prediction holds true, that would mean a significant amount of advertising dollars would be spent on mobile advertising, Tricia Duryee reported … Continue reading

ADWEEK – Outdoor Advertising Is Just What the Doctor Ordered

By David Gianatasio Implying that products will boost people’s popularity is a time-tested sales tactic. A new pharma campaign makes it explicit, with billboards and Web promos for Reachemol claiming that “in all but the most severe of cases, Reachemol will increase your popularity so much that people will actually like you, instead of shunning you like … Continue reading

Lenovo Aims a Campaign at the Apple Crowd

By TANZINA VEGA Published: April 28, 2011 QUICK. How many Chinese brands can you name? Probably not many. While China has been known for its manufacturing prowess, branding its own products has not been its strength. That’s why the Chinese computer manufacturer Lenovo, largely unknown to the average American consumer, is trying to get its products into the … Continue reading

How can out-of-home advertisers utilize social media?

by Jo Stratmann Out-of-home advertising (or outdoor advertising as it’s also known) is any type of advertising that reaches the consumer outside the home. It includes things like roadside billboards, or the posters you see on buses and tube escalators. With the falling price and improving quality of digital displays, more and more out-of-home advertisers … Continue reading

Digital is Booming!

According to an article from yesterday’s Economist, the future of out-of-home advertising is digital (big surprise). It is true though, that the fact that prices are decreasing for a quality flat-screen display without a doubt makes digital billboards more and more prevalent. As you can see in this chart, Magna Global predicts that out-of-home worldwide spending … Continue reading

billboardtastic goes live!

billboardtastic was created to talk about all things billboards, that is Out-of-Home advertising (OOH).  Within recent years, the billboard industry has seen amazing new technologies revolutionize the way we do business.  Everything from being able to recycle the material we print on reducing waste and our ecological footprint to digital billboards which allows our advertiser … Continue reading