McDonald’s+User Generated Content+Lamar Digital = Success

This is a case study put together by Lamar Advertising after successfully teaming user generated content with digital billboards. The point I want to make here is this is all about the interaction between consumers and brand. Powerful stuff. Nevermind the advertiser is McDonald’s. Any advertiser can do this with a little planning and effort. … Continue reading

Awesome Small Town America Billboards

Grass Master Billboard

It’s interesting. You see all this awesome billboard creative in the big cities…The NYC’s and LA’s of the worlds.  The execution is flawless. The hype is real and people start talking, snapping photos with their smart phones and posting on all the social media outlets. I bet there are other cities out there – the … Continue reading

Lamar Postr – Up First?! Little Rock!

Create. Post. Share. Postr™ will take social networking to a higher level. Not only will you be able to create and share a postr™ that you make, but for only $25 per day it can stream to a digital billboard in Little Rock. Designed for business AND personal use, your message will reach 9,000 to … Continue reading

Lamar’s Foursquare-Powered Road Ninja Pushes Location-Based Offers To Travelers

Originally posted Oct 14, 2011 by Gavin Dunaway ADOTAS – Every time the band hits the road, I promise myself a double Whopper with cheese. Maybe I’m nostalgic for my gluttonous childhood, but once I hit the highways I crave those two “flame-broiled” patties on a toasted bun with all the fix’ns (but no pickles), along with a “king-size” … Continue reading

Droga 5’s ‘Jay-Z Decoded’ Wins the Outdoor Grand Prix

By: Rupal Parekh – Effort for Microsoft search engine Bing Helped Expand How Media Category Could Be Used Have New York shops cracked some sort of code in the outdoor category? That seems to be the case again at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. For the second straight year, a Big Apple-based agency has … Continue reading

Everything I ever learned about Outdoor Advertising, I learned from Cracker Barrel – by Majorie Dudley

As I was sitting here taking a look at the day’s news and figuring out what might be worthy of posting to Billboardtastic, I came across an article (Majorie calls it an essay) written by a fellow Lamar Advertising colleague. I feel she is spot on with her thoughts regarding outdoor advertising and Cracker Barrel’s marketing … Continue reading

ADWEEK – Outdoor Advertising Is Just What the Doctor Ordered

By David Gianatasio Implying that products will boost people’s popularity is a time-tested sales tactic. A new pharma campaign makes it explicit, with billboards and Web promos for Reachemol claiming that “in all but the most severe of cases, Reachemol will increase your popularity so much that people will actually like you, instead of shunning you like … Continue reading