McDonald’s+User Generated Content+Lamar Digital = Success

This is a case study put together by Lamar Advertising after successfully teaming user generated content with digital billboards. The point I want to make here is this is all about the interaction between consumers and brand. Powerful stuff. Nevermind the advertiser is McDonald’s. Any advertiser can do this with a little planning and effort.

Main point: When a brand deeply connects to its customers and provides a forum for those customers to interact (either with the brand or each other – think Social Media), the customer wins. And if the customer wins, the brand wins.

“McDonald’s turned burger lovers into ad copywriters with a day-long promotion. Working with our Kansas City office, they arranged to have their campaign on all six slots on all 13 digital billboards in the city to promote their new Angus Third Pounder with headlines written by the new sandwich’s fans.

After the introduction of the Angus Third Pounder in August, McDonald’s franchisees in Kansas City asked customers to submit two-word slogans about the burgers via website or text message.







The franchisees supported the digital campaign with radio spots and coordinated the day-long outdoor campaign with local events as part of “Angus Day” in Kansas City.

After receiving over 6,000 slogan submissions, the burger giant selected 1,750 slogans to appear alongside a photo of the sandwich on billboards across the city on Thursday, September 24. The slogans changed every six seconds. 

The promotion was developed by Bernstein-Rein Advertising. “This campaign gave us the ability to talk about the post-purchase of the Angus Burger product,” said Vernon Williams of Bernstein-Rein Advertising. “Using their opinion of the product after they tasted it will be a powerful influence on others to make a purchase.””


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