Awesome Small Town America Billboards

It’s interesting. You see all this awesome billboard creative in the big cities…The NYC’s and LA’s of the worlds.  The execution is flawless. The hype is real and people start talking, snapping photos with their smart phones and posting on all the social media outlets. I bet there are other cities out there – the not so big cities that have awesome creative, and flawless execution as well.  Though, for whatever reason, the buzz isn’t as “hype.”

I think we can fix that! Social media levels that playing field. Nothing says we can’t have awesome creative posted at 123 Main St and it produces the same buzz as if it were posted Times Square. It just takes a few people sharing it with their friends and followers!

So, let’s start talking about the small mom and pops who are believers in Out-Of-Home. Who have seen first hand how it helps their companies grow and reach their goals.

Snap a photo (safely please!). Email it to with a few tidbits of info.

-Your name (optional)

-Where the billboard is located (be specific as possible – include street and city at minimum)

-Why you think this billboard is buzz-worthy

I’ll go first. Here is the photo I snapped.


Grass Master Billboard

Clinton Nickas

Portage St just west of Frank in North Canton/Jackson Township, Ohio

Every spring a lawn care company by the name of Grass Master runs this creative. Simple with a great image to grab your attention. Furthermore the tag line conveys the pride they take in their work. This is an awesome billboard!


I’ll compile the images and begin posting/tweeting/blogging/buzzing to give these advertisers a little more appreciation for believing in billboards!  Let’s make it happen! Thank you for your support!

***to be considered, creative must be on the road. In other words, not spec art for all you artists out there! I know it’s awesome but I want to keep this for live copy only. Sorry ;)***


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