ADWEEK – Outdoor Advertising Is Just What the Doctor Ordered

By David Gianatasio

Implying that products will boost people’s popularity is a time-tested sales tactic. A new pharma campaign makes it explicit, with billboards and Web promos for Reachemol claiming that “in all but the most severe of cases, Reachemol will increase your popularity so much that people will actually like you, instead of shunning you like an Old Testament leper.” Reachemol also boosts self-esteem, sways juries and helps folks win elections. The product, of course, is fake, and the campaign actually touts the power of advertising (particularly billboards) to capture consumers’ attention and drive home brand messages. It’s the brainchild of Adams Outdoor, and marks the firm’s second notable fake-ad self-promo, following the success of Outhouse Springs (“America’s first recycled water. It’s #1, not #2”) nearly a decade ago. Outhouse was ultimately sold in Piggly Wiggly stores, though the product was Appalachian Springs in disguise, and there was, thankfully, nothing recycled about it. So, it’s entirely possible Reachemol will make it onto shelves some day, though it’ll probably be breath mints with faux labels. Luckily, there’s already a drug on the market guaranteed to transform everyone that uses it into attractive, popular uber-winners who are fun to be around. It’s called tequila.


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