Digital is Booming!

According to an article from yesterday’s Economist, the future of out-of-home advertising is digital (big surprise). It is true though, that the fact that prices are decreasing for a quality flat-screen display without a doubt makes digital billboards more and more prevalent.

As you can see in this chart, Magna Global predicts that out-of-home worldwide spending will increase by 8.3% the year to about $26.4 billion. With that, spending on digital billboards and posters in the next five years is predicted to double.

Digital billboards give the advertiser the opportunity to daypart messages, not only to target specific customers, but also showcase timely messages All in all, this type of dayparting makes their advertising dollars that much more effective. The article I’ve been referencing mentions McDonalds as an example. The fast food company can advertise its hot cakes and egg McMuffin at breakfast time, switch to its popular Big Mac fare at lunch and follow that with ads for a hot fudge sunday and apple pie at night.

As technology becomes more interactive, I believe that people will come to expect a certain level of interaction with a brand. As this happens, digital out-of-home is expanding to meet those needs. It’s exciting to see where this will go.


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